Rotholz x Gabe - World Environment Day 2021

Rotholz x Gabe - World Environment Day 2021


Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated yearly on 5 June. Each year, the program has provided a theme and forum for businesses, non government organizations, communities, governments, and everyone to advocate environmental causes. It is the United Nations’ flagship day for promoting worldwide awareness and action for the environment, and at Rothholz we have decided to surprise you with a special release to contribute to this importante date.

2021’s observance of World Environment Day will be on the theme of ‘ecosystem restoration’ and focuses on resettling our relation with nature. It will also mark the formal launch of the ‘UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration’. The ‘UN Decade’ runs from 2021 through 2030, which is also the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals and the timeline scientists have identified as critical for avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. The ‘UN Decade’ project is led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations together with the support of partners. It is designed to prevent, halt, and reverse the loss and degradation of ecosystems worldwide. It aims at reviving hundreds of millions of hectares, covering terrestrial as well as aquatic ecosystems. To achieve restoration at the required scale, incentives and financial investments must be made in changing the way lands and oceans are exploited, in research and education, and in inspiring a movement of people, businesses and governments through celebrating success stories.



Inspired by World Environment Day, and this year’s theme ‘ecosystem restoration’ we at Rotholz have decided to team up with the graphic artist Gabe to create a limited edition capsule collection centred on the Coral Floral T-shirt in Black and White, and the limited Floral Coral Risograph Poster. All proceeds of the capsule collection will donated to the NGO Sea Shepherd, in an effort to support the protection and conservatorship of marine wildlife and fauna. For those who don’t know them, Sea Shepherd is a globally recognised activist group committed to saving marine wildlife and fauna by enforcing, strengthening, and developing protective laws, treaties, policies and practices worldwide. Through this collaboration we hope to create awareness not only about World Environment Day, but also highlight the importance of our actions to fight wildlife destruction and extinction.

We wish you had a happy and purposeful World Environment Day!


Team Rotholz


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