The Recommended - August 2021

The Recommended is a monthly selection of recommendations from the Rotholz team to watch, to read, and to listen. Curated at the end of each month by a member of the Rotholz team The Recommended is designed to delight your senses. So we invite you to dive in and enjoy this month's picks.

To Watch:
When Two Worlds Collide 

A potent chronicle of the fight between indigenous tribes and government-supported business interests in the Peruvian Amazon. On the one side is President Alan Garcia, who, eager to enter the world stage, begins aggressively extracting oil, minerals, and gas from untouched indigenous Amazonian land. He is quickly met with fierce opposition from indigenous leader Alberto Pizango, whose impassioned speeches against Garcia’s destructive actions prove a powerful rallying cry to throngs of his supporters.

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To Listen:
Barefoot Adventures - Billy Caso 

Billy's Barefoot Adventures is a simple but dedicated journey to curate, discover and create mix-tapes for every country on planet earth. That's 195 countries, 195+ episodes. Each mix exclusively contains music written by musicians from each selected country.

To Read:
Damn Good Advice by George Lois

Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent!) is a look into the mind of one of America's most legendary creative thinkers, George Lois. Offering indispensable lessons, practical advice, facts, anecdotes and inspiration, this book is a timeless creative bible for all those looking to succeed in life, business and creativity. Organised into inspirational, bite-sized pointers, each page offers fresh insight into the sources of success, from identifying your heroes to identifying yourself. The ideas, images and illustrations presented in this book are fresh, witty and in-your-face. Whether it's communicating your point in nanosecond, creating an explosive portfolio or making your presence felt, no one is better placed than George Lois to teach you the process of creativity.

Das Buch ist in kleine inspirierende Hinweise gegliedert und von der Identifizierung der eigenen Helden und Vorbilder, bis Hin zur Selbsterkenntnis bietet jede Seite neue Einblicke in die Quellen des Erfolgs. Die im Buch dargestellten Ideen, Bilder und Illustrationen sind frisch, witzig und unverblümt. Kommunizieren in Nanosekunden, ein explosives Portfolio erstellen oder sich Profilieren, niemand ist dazu besser geeignet Ihnen den Prozess der Kreativität zu vermitteln als George Lois.

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