Fashion Revolution Week - 2022

This year Rotholz will take part in the Fashion Revolution Week as part of our ongoing commitment to advocate for positive change in the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution Week is an annual campaign bringing together the world’s largest fashion activism movement for seven days of action to commemorate the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse.


Rana Plaza, a large production building in Bangladesh, housed a number of garment factories, employing around 5,000 people. The people in this building were manufacturing clothing for many of the biggest global fashion brands. More than 1,100 people – mostly young women – died in the collapse and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history.

So this week, from Monday 18th-Sunday 24th April 2022, Rotholz will introduce you to one of our lovely team members each day, to show you the people behind the production of your favourite Rotholz pieces. Becasuse at Rotholz we are incredibly proud to share a great relationship with our production partners where we enjoy the benefits of producing in Europe using European fabrics with partners who share our passion for organic & fair.




Say Olá to Isabel. Isabel has been part of the team at our jersey production partner working as a seamstress since 2013. She makes sure that every seam and finishing is sewn according to our exact specs. When she’s not working on one of our pieces Isabel will probably be found dancing with friends or spending time with her family.




The next team member we’d like to introduce you to as part of our Fashion Revolution Week campaign is Carlos. Carlos is a pretty recent arrival at our jersey production partner, joining the team earlier in 2022 as a fabric cutter. When our fabrics are produced they’re then sent to Carlos to cut based on our pattern info before they’re then sent on to the sewing team. He’s a humble guy, but we managed to discover Carlos is pretty efficient on a rollerblade hockey turf too.




Meet Natália. Natália is the head seamstress at our woven factory just north of Porto. She’s been overseeing the finishing of shirts and jackets since 1992 - so her attention to detail has been vital. A huge presence in the community Natália is also heavily involved in initiatives that support the local homeless and is part of a group helping house and treat abandoned animals.




The fourth team member we’d like you to meet as part of our Fashion Revolution Week campaign is Irene. Irene works alongside Isabel at our jersey production partner as a production line manager. She’s been at the company since 1998 and leads from the front getting her hands dirty while simultaneously ensuring the sewing line runs smooth. Irene loves a long walk after a big Portuguese dinner with her friends and family.




Say Olá to Ricardo. Since 2015, Ricardo has been a pretty big part of our woven production partner as a tailor. He interprets our specification sheets and patterns as one of the very first steps in production cycle. When he’s not at work you’ll have to search hard because Ricardo loves to get lost in nature.



Meet Ana. Ana is a relatively new arrival at our jersey production partner joining the team in 2021. She is part of the incredibly detailed team that irons, labels, and packs each finished garment. And believe us when we say it - she is fast. In her free time Ana enjoys playing sports, jogging and hanging out with friends and family



And last but definitely not least on our Fashion Revolution Week campaign is Célia. It’s incredible just to write this but Célia has been a seamstress at at our woven production partner since 1989! She is one of the superstars that gets handed piles of cut fabric and boxes of buttons and then magically transforms them into finished garments. Célia also loves nature, so in her free time she enjoys hikes with friends and family, soaking up the fresh Portuguese air.