The Recommended - October 2022

The Recommended is a monthly selection of recommendations from the Rotholz team to watch, to read, and to listen. Curated at the end of each month by a member of the Rotholz team The Recommended is designed to delight your senses. So we invite you to dive in and enjoy this month's picks.


To Watch:
Invisible Demons

In the sprawling mega city of Delhi, the dangers of climate change are present, not future, for 30 million inhabitants fighting to survive. Invisible Demons explores the dramatic consequences of India’s growing economy, capturing a city in crisis, and our collective climate realities.




To Listen:
Hugo by Loyle Carner

The disarmingly open London rapper tackles identity, mixed-race roots and relationships on his richly introspective third album. But listen and convince of yourself of its unique sound.





To Read:
The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway: Oscar Niemeyer in Algeria

A new book from Columbia University presents Jason Oddy's photographic journey into the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. The buildings by Niemeyer were designed to manifest Boumediene's new vision of Algeria as a modern and independent nation.